ICM Final Project Progress

ICM Final Project Progress

human doing Alpha version is live! 

Eventually:  http://humandoing.co/

Next Steps:

  • Calendar API?
  • Connection to spreadsheet/database with daily challenges
  • Design implementation
  • When you get “counted in” by clicking on the button,  You are directed to a link that you can share with friends on social media (don’t have to log in)
    • The link is shared by all people
    • The page says something like “I am counted in for completing today’s random act of kindness: ____(pulls from spreadsheet)__________.”
    • And:  “And I’m not the only one! So far, __(from ss)___ others are counted in for today!”
    • Rewrite copy
  • Addition of component of self-reflection after experiment completion

Stretch goal:

  • Connection to spreadsheet/database that collects users submitted ideas

Stretch stretch goal:

  • Use NLP and machine learning to analyze submissions and determine if they are appropriate

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