Fabrication Enclosures

Fabrication Enclosures

The assignment for Intro to Fabrication was to create an enclosure for a project. Ben Light showed numerous inspiring examples in class made of all materials, shapes, created, printed, and found. I was particularly drawn to found resources, and custom fitting necessary additions for a specific project. The only rules for this project was that the enclosure was meant to be accessible, for adjustments, battery changes, etc.

I chose to make a mason jar enclosure. Because I was short on time that week, I ended up laser cutting the top custom for my project. I used digital calipers to measure the inside of the mason jar, rim and edge of the metal ring. I used the calipers to also measure the USB A>B cable that would power my Arduino once inside the jar. I went to Blick and chose a very thin but sturdy looking piece of wood, which turned out to only have integrity in one direction (and can easily snap in the other), however for my purposes it served well!

In Illustrator I created a circle using those dimensions, and cut a square the size for the USB. Later speaking to Ben, he suggested next time to cut just a nip out from the edge, enough to slide a USB cable in, because I had the advantage of putting the metal ring cover over the jar to close.

Here’s the final result:

I chose to enclose a Physical Computing project from weeks before, a breathing meditation device intended to be used with a plant to practice exchanging oxygen, etc.

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